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Receiver Sentry dip switch 403mhz or 433mhz

Receiver Sentry dip switch 403mhz or 433mhz

The SENTRY 403/433MHz Binary receiver is a receiver designed to receive and decode classic binary transmitters that operate in the 403MHz or 433MHz range.

It is a standard single channel receiver module that provides a 10 AMP potential free relay contact suitable for many applications, most commonly found in situations where a gate or door automation product is used. 
The receiver is easy to configure by means of dipswitches. The instruction manual details more features that are optionally selectable by the user, such as the split modes. 


    Frequency: 403.55Mhz or 433Mhz
    Power Source:  12V - 24V
    Type Approvals:  ICASA TA-