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Automatic Boom Barrier 4 to 6 Meters

Automatic Boom Barrier 4 to 6 Meters

SKU: 7798



Power Supply


Motor No-load Speed


Service Life

5 million times

Driving Method

Brushless DC motor

Protection Level


Operating Temperature


(temperature under -20℃should be equipped with electric heating plate)

Running Noise


Gross Weight

 43 KG

  • Specifications

    It adopts DC brushless motor, 24V safe working voltage, which breaks the traditional 220V power supply mode. Safer operation, lower noise;frequently use with low heating;motor power 140W, energy saving and environmental protection.


    Integrated movement, though small volume, it’s with strong energy;wall mounted installation, easy to assemble and disassemble.


    The design for balance spring is with multiple wire diameters, long service time, durable and consistent.


    The balance component adopts the opening deformation and holding method, which brings convenience to the exchange for left-side and right-side orientation.


    It adopts four-bar linkage mechanism which makes the boomsoft start-slow stop operate quickly and steady without impact, effectively reducing bothboom jitter and motor load, prolonging the service life of the barrier gate.


    Intelligently adjustable running speed (1.5s-6s) to realize intelligent variable speed, effectively reducing the boom jitter, meeting the requirements for different environment.


    With Auto-reverse function. The barrier boom will automatically open once after meeting obstacles to reduce the damage caused by the mistake during its closing process.


    To activate the priority anti-smashing function,the barrier boom will perform the opening action as soon as the opening signal is received during its closing process.


    The boom type which are applicable to this barrier gate can be octagonal boom round boom folding boom and fence boom etc.


    Running times up to 5 millions without failure.

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