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Wireless Solar Powered Alarms

Wireless security beams

Ivtex Wireless alarm panel 20 Zone

Wireless alarm panels Boksburg

*20 Zones

*Remote arm/disarm

*SMS arm/disarm

*SMS notification

*Built in Siren

*Built in Strobe light

*Built in GSM

*100 meter transmitting range

*Anti tamper

*Batteries last 3 years

How it works

Wireless outside passives

How to add a passive/beams/detector ?

Simply press the wireless connect button on the back of your solar panel. The solar panel will give you 10 seconds. Which ever detector is triggered will be learned into the wireless panel.

Wireless Security IR Beams 100 meter

Wireless alarm beams

Wireless 2 beams solar powered 100meter IR beams for alarm

Transmitting distance:100meter to panel


Dimension: 340x84x45mm

Can last 4 days without charged by sun

Wireless Security IR Beams 60 meter

Wireless Security beams

Wireless 2 beams Solar powered 60 Meter Alarm IR Beams 433Mhz

Transmitting distance: 100 Meter

Battery Back up to 3 weeks per full charge

Dimension: 300x84x45mm

Wireless Outside Passive (12 meters & 90 degrees)

Wireless outside passives
Outside Passives for alarm

Wireless Outdoor Solar powered PIR Passive for outside

Range: 12M and 90 degrees

Pet Immunity up to 25kg

2 PIR sensors

Transmitting distance: 100 meter to panel

Pulse Count adjustment

9-15VCD power input

Wireless Inside Passives

Wireless inside passives

Wireless Inside PIR Passives with battery.

Range: 12 meters and 90 degrees

Transmitting range: 50 meters to panel

Battery duration: 3 years

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Frequently asked Questions:

Q: Are the batteries available to buy after 3 years of solar use?

A: Yes, most of the passives use standard 3.7V 1200mAh Li-ion batteries. The main solar unit uses 3.7V 6800mAh Li-ion batteries. Batteries goes for as little as R65 each and can be bought at most battery shops.

Q: Whats is the Guarantee on the alarm systems?

A: They come with 12 months guarantee.

Q: How long will the system and outside detectors last after a full day of charging?

A: After one fully charged day, the main panel and outside detectors should last up to 5 days without any sun/UV.

Q: Can you disarm alarm siren when not at home?

A: Yes, you can arm and disarm from SMS

Q: Can I install them myself?

A: Yes absolutely ! It is a very simple plug and plays system. No programming needed.

Q: How many smartphones can alarm notifications be sent to?

A: You can add up to 5 cellphone numbers.

Q: How can I purchase these items?

A: We have two branches is East Rand, but we can courier them straight to your door.

Q: What happens when alarm is triggered?

A: The Wireless Siren will make a big noise, strobe light will flash and SMS notification will be sent to your smartphone.

Q: What is the range from Panel to wireless detectors?

A: The transmitting range is 100 meter, but we can provide you with a repeater for an extra 300 meters.

Q: Is the Alarm panel and Outside beams weatherproof?

A: Yes it is meant for outside use.

Q: How does the batteries of panel and outside detectors recharge?

A: All systems has a solar panel installed on top of the device, a minimum of 3 hours direct sunlight is requires to recharge the batteries daily.

Q: Is there any monthly fees?

A: No, not at all

Q: How long does the solar batteries last?

A: Batteries of panels and detectors should last 3 - 5 years.

Q: Do I require armed response for this alarm system?

A: No, not at all.